Forthcoming Papers

Special issue in fixed point theory


1. Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized ($\alpha \eta $)$_{EB}$-Contractions in Extended B-Metric Spaces with Applications

Authors: Maryam F. S. Alasmari, Afrah A.N. Abdou download

2. Some Fixed Points of $\alpha-\psi-K$ Contractive Mapping in Partial Metric Spaces

Authors: Muhammad Arshad, Shaif Saleh Alshoraify and Abdullah Shoaib download

Regular Issue

1. On the Stability and General Solution of a Sum Form Functional Equation Emerging from Information Theory

Authors: Dhiraj Kumar Singh, Shveta Grover download

2. On approximation of abstract first order differential equation with an integral condition

Authors: Abdelhak Berkane, Abdelkrim Zekri download

3. Interpolatory minimal series for reconstructing an infinite Fourier series

Author: Nassar H. S. Haidar download

4. Common Fixed Point for Generalized Contraction in b-Multiplicative Metric Spaces with Applications

Author: Abdullah Shoaib download

5. Null Hypersurfaces In Brinkmann Spacetimes

Authors: Cyriaque Atindogbe, Theophile Kemajou Mbiakop download

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